Company Information

Name: A Chimney Sweep Ltd

Legal form: A Limited company registered in England and Wales

Services: Chimney Sweeping undertaking installation, maintenance, inspection, testing, sale or supply of equipment

Payments accepted by: Cash, cheques, BACS, credit card and debit card (dependany on availability of service)

Insurance Details:

Insurance Provider: Hiscox Underwriting Ltd

Expiry Date: 31/10/2018

Registered Office: 14 Sycamore Road, Stone, Staffordshire ST158NJ

Telephone: 0800 7720192


Public registers: Details about the limited company's registration can be viewed at under reference number 10100630.

Regulating body: Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, no. 1112

Applicable law: Unless otherwise agreed, English law, with the English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning the service and any matter arising from it.

Work Guarantees: Due to concealed nature of flues, and that chimneys are affected by the way they are used, the weather and many other conditions not known to your sweep we cannot offer a guarantee.